“Cat is no ordinary lawyer. She combines a unique quality of passion and strength in which she can play an unequivocating truth-sayer role with vast skills in hearing the depths of needs that are at hand in which compassion and understanding are wonderfully present.”

“Thank you for your guidance through our mediation process. Although the process was difficult, we were able to navigate through it with your help and have become better friends and parents to our son.”

“Cat was instrumental for us in a very tense dispute with another family. She led the meeting in a way that was compassionate and really allowed us to understand and empathize with our so-called “adversaries.” In the end, we were left with concrete solutions we could implement right away which completely shifted the conflict.”

“I feel such deep appreciation to Cat for providing a safe environment for me to get in touch with the depth of my feelings and find the clarity I needed to deal with a very difficult issue in my life.”

“Thank you. This morning my husband and I initiated a new way of communicating with each other thanks to the skills I am learning and have learned under your loving, compassionate tutelage. These tools are already being put to use in my life and home. I have a deep sense of gratitude for you and the work you are doing in the world, and how it is enriching my life.”

“Although I was skeptical, Cat’s presentation was very informative and entertaining. So much of practicing law involves effective communication and yet we spend little time honing our skills in that area. Cat’s training was a great way to focus on improving our communications skills — both listening and speaking!”

“Your compassionate listening and empathic way of sharing information and skills were PHENOMENAL! You should write a book: “Beyond Tact: Peacemaking under Duress!” Really, really nice job.”

“I especially like your style of and flair for teaching. You seem excited about the work, with beginner’s mind at every turn. Thank you for drawing me out of my shell to participate in the demo. That demonstrates to me a rare kind of courageous leadership, to “get my number and firmly and loving call me out” .   I am grateful to have been able to have done that deep work, and to have inadvertently helped others with their reservations about “vulnerable honest expression” in intimate relationship.”

“If we want peace in the world, this is the place to start. Communicating with skill and respect is an essential complement to activism. Thanks, Cat!”

“You created a space where intense and complicated interactions could be explored with full respect. Your feedback offered very valuable perspective into the way I interact with the people around me. I was especially impressed by the depth of your insight.
Since the workshop, I have practiced the techniques you shared with us, and I have clearly felt the benefits. My clients seem to feel more heard, my personal boundaries have improved, and I have generally been more calm, and more present with the people around me.’