Divorce with Children: Does Your Ex Still Push Your Buttons?

Long after the divorce, many couples remain emotionally entangled and when children are involved, co-parenting can be exasperating. Maybe your hot button issues are still active and your former knows exactly where to push to get you to react, or vice versa. Ouch! Trying to convince the other person about what is wrong with them, blaming or criticizing them is a big mistake. Why? You give away your power to your Ex when you focus on them.

I doubt that you want your children to think it is not safe to speak openly with you but that can easily happen when you don’t acknowledge your own emotional triggers and learn ways to control them.

CLICK HERE to watch my video on how to access your inner resources and regain you power in interactions with you Ex so you can shift the focus back to you.

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CatProfileCat J. Zavis is an Attorney, Mediator, Child Advocate, Coach for Parents co-parenting their children after divorce and Author of the upcoming book,Parenting with Your Ex: Another F***ing Growth Opportunity.” As a divorced mother of 2, she deeply understands the challenges, trauma and opportunities divorce provides. She has been practicing Nonviolent Communication, Mediation and Collaborative Law for 7 years. She conducts workshops and trainings in Nonviolent Communication for parents, lawyers, teachers, students, spiritual centers and professionals. In 2009, she was awarded a Peace Builder Award for her business. Her combination of personal experience and professional expertise give Cat a unique perspective and ability to help co parents learn to communicate effectively and powerfully to transform their relationships and interactions with their former after divorce so they and their children can thrive.

Cat can be reached at clientcare@parentingwithyourex.com


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