Parenting Support

When families are in conflict or transition, it affects each individual, in every aspect of their lives. For parents, the challenges of raising children can cause stress and worry that sometimes seem insurmountable.

If you feel like you’ve fallen off track to parenting as well as you want to, let Cat Zavis help you return to the path that works for you and honors your values. With Cat’s guidance, you will discover your own truth, and learn self-compassion for those times you falter.

Cat can work with you and your partner or spouse to overcome the issues that keep you from moving forward and parenting authentically. Cat provides support around:

  • Establishing or updating parenting plans
  • Child support issues
  • Improving communication with your partner
  • Family counseling
  • Couples counseling
  • Peaceful Co-Parenting
  • Encouraging children to participate fully and joyfully in family life
  • Teaching children empathy and compassion

Cat is a skilled coach, caring counselor, and effective mediator. Through workshops or counseling, she can help you learn how to identify what parenting means to you, and then how to empower yourself and improve your skills.

You’ll learn how to understand your needs, how to have them met, and how to advocate for your children. With Cat’s help, your family can establish real, durable solutions that meet everyone’s needs.

Imagine feeling whole about parenting again. Take the first step and call Cat Zavis today.

“Thank you. This morning my husband and I initiated a new way of communicating with each other thanks to the skills I am learning and have learned under your loving, compassionate tutelage. These tools are already being put to use in my life and home. I have a deep sense of gratitude for you and the work you are doing in the world, and how it is enriching my life.”