Mediation to Overcome Conflict

Mediation is an efficient dispute resolution process used to overcome conflict. It takes place outside the courtroom, in a completely confidential, but less formal atmosphere. Mediation is valuable when the goal is preserving the relationship between the people involved:

  • Separating spouses or partners
  • Parents working on a parenting plan
  • Family members in transition
  • Neighbors having a disagreement
  • Employers and employees

Cat Zavis is a skilled, experienced mediator who helps people in conflict reach durable, co-created resolutions that value each person’s needs. Through mediation’s less adversarial approach, individuals are heard and understood; they are empowered to advocate for themselves; and they are freed from whatever stands in the way of resolution.

Cat can help people solve most civil disputes through mediation. Whether you have a problem with your former spouse, your neighbor’s new fence, or your landlord’s interpretation of your lease, mediation can be a viable option. Mediation allows both parties to express their views and needs and, with Cat’s help, to understand the other person’s needs as well.

Let Cat help you reach a real, durable solution through mediation. Contact her office in Bellingham, WA, for more information and to explore if mediation could help resolve your situation.

“Thank you for your guidance through our mediation process. Although the process was difficult, we were able to navigate through it with your help and have become better friends and parents to our son.”