Cat J. Zavis ~ Divorce, Mediation, Conflict Resolution

A Guide Toward Real Solutions


Step into Cat Zavis’s Bellingham, WA law office and you might be pleasantly surprised. The furniture is comfortable and the mood is serene. You could say it looks more like your living room than your lawyer’s office.

This is a place of coming together, not tearing apart. Of resolution in the face of conflict. It’s a safe place where individuals are valued: no matter how old, or young; how strong, or fragile; no matter how much pain, anger, or frustration they are feeling.

Cat Zavis offers a complete range of services that support individuals, families, and businesses working through the difficulties that we all face in our relationships with others:

Whether you are facing a divorce or other change in family structure, need to establish a parenting plan that provides for your children, or simply want to build a bridge to a better future for yourself, your family, or your business or organization, Cat Zavis can help you.

Even if it seems that there is no light ahead, Cat can guide you to real solutions. In this calm, comforting environment, everyone gets their chance to speak. Everyone feels heard and understood, and everyone learns to truly hear each other. Cat will help you reach the place where needs are identified and valued-and where no one’s needs must be sacrificed in order for yours to be met. Watch the following video to see and hear Cat yourself.

Real transformation. Real solutions. Real understanding. It is possible to achieve the peaceful outcome you want. Contact Cat Zavis’s law office in Bellingham, WA today to find out how she can help.