Collaborative Divorce

What is Collaborative Divorce?

In Collaborative Divorce, families facing divorce come together outside the courtroom in an effort to reach the most beneficial solution for all involved. Through this alternative to litigation, families are supported at each step as they consider how to approach their new future. Each individual’s voice is heard; each person’s needs are considered; and paramount to the collaborative process are the needs of any children who will be affected by the decisions made.

Collaborative Divorce requires an agreement to settle out of court. If this appears impossible at any time during the process, then the lawyers involved step aside and refer the family to trial attorneys.

Cat Zavis’s Approach

Cat brings a unique perspective to her Collaborative Divorce practice; one centered on her training and years of experience in Nonviolent Communication, Mediation, and Alternative Conflict Resolution. From her passion for validating individual points of view to her professional, calm presence in often stressful interactions, Cat J. Zavis’s Collaborative Law practice can be the solution your family seeks during your time of transition.

Cat focuses on helping families arrive at the place where everyone’s needs are met, truths are validated, and durable agreements are made—without the expense and adversarial relationship associated with courtroom trial proceedings.

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“Cat is no ordinary lawyer. She combines a unique quality of passion and strength in which she can play an unequivocating truthsayer role with vast skills in hearing the depths of needs that are at hand in which compassion and understanding are wonderfully present.”