Empathy – What’s All the Fuss About?!

When I spoke previously about self-empathy, I was speaking about empathy we provide to ourselves. As I mentioned in that blog, until you can give yourself empathy, it is really difficult to provide empathy to someone else, especially your Ex. In … [Read more...]

Want to Stay Calm in the Midst of the Storm?

Practice WIN! Friday I shared with you a powerful tool to help you from losing your temper. I promised to share with you why this tool is important and how come it works. When we lose our tempers, we only escalate the problem. I’m sure you are … [Read more...]

Using Candy to Demonstrate a Point!!

For my blog today, I want to share with you a video of me talking about my work and how I integrate Nonviolent Communication into my work. (This is Part 1. You can go to youtube to watch Part 2 and I will be posting it here as well at a later date.) … [Read more...]

Collaborative Divorce and Mediation: Learning to Let Go

Collaborative Divorce and Mediation: Learning to Let Go Building Block #5 ~ Choice/Autonomy One of the greatest challenges in divorce is learning to let go and letting the other parent make decisions that affect your children’s lives without … [Read more...]

Divorce: Remain Present

Divorced and Children ~   Wanna Go Shopping . . . This Too Shall Pass! The other day I wanted to go shopping.  Now you have to understand I HATE shopping.  Seriously, I really hate shopping. You may wonder why I would want to go shopping.  Well, … [Read more...]

Collaborative Divorce ~ The Power of Appreciations

Building Block #3 - Appreciation and Acknowledgment In my previous blogs I spoke about the importance of establishing Connection and Listening when navigating life with your former after divorce.  If you create a quality of connection at the … [Read more...]

Co Parenting: Need a Megaphone to Be Heard?

Building Block #2 – LISTENING I touched briefly on the importance of LISTENING in my last blog on Building Block #1 – Connection.  I want to elaborate on it here. When I talk about listening, I mean REALLY listening.  Often when we listen, we hear … [Read more...]

Divorce, Co Parenting and Collaboration: The Building Blocks

I believe there are 5 essential qualities (or building blocks) that need to be present to successfully navigate conflict and disagreements.  Without these five qualities, it is extremely difficult to let down one’s defenses in a conflict, see your … [Read more...]

Turning Conflict Into Opportunities

I have been thinking about conflict a lot - perhaps because I work with people in conflict, perhaps because I am the parent of one teenage boy and one soon-to-be teenage boy!  I think conflict has a bad rap.  We shy away from conflict because we tend … [Read more...]

Compassion vs. Criticism

I have had the privilege lately of sharing Nonviolent (Compassionate) Communication in a wide variety of settings from schools to prison and the common thread I find is that almost everyone asks, "Why don't they teach this in elementary school?"  … [Read more...]