Are Your Kids Relaying Messages Between You and Your Ex?

If you are divorced with children and use your child to relay messages to your former, you put your child in the middle of your arguments, disagreements and negotiations. This is hard for anyone, but for a child it is particularly agonizing. This … [Read more...]

Is Your Ex Your Enemy?

It’s so easy to turn your former lover into your enemy, especially in a divorce with kids. You need to end the madness of your marriage and the sometimes the only way to do this is to make him/her into your enemy. After all, you’re in a war, right? … [Read more...]

Divorce with Children: Does Your Ex Still Push Your Buttons?

Long after the divorce, many couples remain emotionally entangled and when children are involved, co-parenting can be exasperating. Maybe your hot button issues are still active and your former knows exactly where to push to get you to react, or vice … [Read more...]

Divorce, Children, Co-Parenting – Take a Break!

I know how easy it is to get exhausted with the demands of keeping up with the ongoing needs of your children, especially as a divorced parent. It is hard to remember to take care of yourself, always trying to take care of everyone else first. … [Read more...]

Greiving, Divorce and Kids

I see grief as a process of moving through the depth of one’s distress and sorrow so you can begin to heal. Getting a divorce, whether you want it or not, is agonizing and traumatic. You are grieving many things – loss of your primary intimate … [Read more...]

Goodwill and Trust – Important Components in a Divorce with Kids

When getting divorced, it’s so easy to turn everything into a battle by always trying to prove your point and making the other person look bad. In a divorce with children, kids are often stuck in the middle. Rather than going down a path of divorce … [Read more...]

Don’t Try Divorce Alone!

Divorce is an incredibly difficult journey – no bones about it; you may be wracked with grief, stress, guilt and fear. Trying to navigate your divorce and co-parenting all alone is like rock climbing without having someone on the other end of your … [Read more...]

This SUCKS – Where’s My Co-Parent?

I’ve written quite a bit about grieving and the sense of loss we feel when our marriage or relationship ends and the importance of recognizing and grieving that loss. (To read more, click here.) But Tuesday, I was on my question and answer call … [Read more...]

GRIEF – The Birthplace of Healing, Repair and Transformation

In order to be the best parents we can be, it is essential for us to know how to support our children without our issues interfering with our ability to be present with them and their needs.   One common thing I see in my work with divorce couples … [Read more...]

Be Supportive Without Micromanaging

Have you wondered how you could be committed to supporting your child’s relationship with your Ex without taking a “hands-on” kind of responsibility? Actually, there is a way to support your child’s relationship with your Ex without micromanaging it. … [Read more...]