How Do You Handle A Curve Ball?

As a mediator, collaborative lawyer and conflict resolution coach, I feel sad, disappointed and confused when I struggle to be able to transform conflicts in my personal life into connection and understanding. I value embodying the practices in my … [Read more...]

The Building Blocks of Relationships

I believe there are 5 essential qualities (or building blocks) that need to be present to successfully navigate conflict and disagreements. Without these five qualities, it is extremely difficult to let down one’s defenses in a conflict, see your … [Read more...]

Co Parenting: Need a Megaphone to Be Heard?

Building Block #2 – LISTENING I touched briefly on the importance of LISTENING in my last blog on Building Block #1 – Connection. I want to elaborate on it here. When I talk about listening, I mean REALLY listening. Often when we listen, we hear … [Read more...]

Co Parenting – Divorce and Kids: The Power of Appreciations

Building Block #3 - Appreciation and Acknowledgment In my previous blogs I spoke about the importance of establishing Connection and Listening when navigating life with your former after divorce. If you create a quality of connection at the … [Read more...]

Children and Divorce: The Roles of Parents

Building Block #4: Meaning and Respect One of the most challenging issues to face in divorce is that your time with your child will inevitably change. You will not kiss your child goodnight nor read a bedtime story to your child every night. For … [Read more...]

Divorced and Children ~ Wanna Go Shopping . . .

This Too Shall Pass! The other day I wanted to go shopping. Now you have to understand I HATE shopping. Seriously, I really hate shopping. You may wonder why I would want to go shopping. Well, I wondered the same thing and began to explore where … [Read more...]

Divorce and Children: Learning to Let Go

Building Block #5 Choice/Autonomy One of the greatest challenges in divorce is learning to let go and letting the other parent make decisions that affect your children’s lives without being involved in those decision. Yet, letting go and giving … [Read more...]

What’s Right About This?

You know how sometimes things happen in life and you feel like they are happening to you and you are convinced you have absolutely no power to make things change? And when you experience that you feel powerless, hopeless, frustrated and perhaps … [Read more...]

The Choice is Yours. What Drives Your Divorce – Your Emotions or Your Integrity?

I often hear parents tell me that they have no choice but to dig their heels in and fight in divorce because that is what their spouse is doing and if they don’t do that, they will “lose.” I can appreciate the fear, anger, resentment and grief that … [Read more...]

Family Visits — Do You React or Respond?

I traveled “home” last week to visit my parents, sister and extended family. My grandmother turned 96. I have good genes – three of my four grandparents lived healthy lives into their mid-90s! Trips home always gives me some great opportunities to … [Read more...]