Feel Defensive with Your Co-Parent?

Have you ever asked yourself if old emotional hurts are still what drives your interactions with your Ex? And if you are in the middle of or had a divorce with kids, you may find that your emotional reactivity with your Ex carries over to the way you … [Read more...]

Emotions Can Wreak Havoc in a Divorce

Parents often are scared and don’t know how to proceed when they find themselves ready to get a divorce. They feel heartbroken, angry, terrified and shocked. At this emotional low-point in their lives, they often don’t know where to turn to help them … [Read more...]

Thank You to the Kids of Divorced Parents

Dear Children of Parents Who No Longer Live Together: I am deeply grateful for the lessons you have taught me. It is with humbleness and awe that I work with you and your parents and that I parent you myself. The challenges you face and the unrest … [Read more...]

How The Heck Does One Grieve and Mourn?!

In my previous blog, Grief: The Birthplace of Healing, Repair and Transformation, I shared why it is important to for you to grieve and mourn, but what if you find you simply cannot grieve and mourn at all? I have had many clients tell me that they … [Read more...]

Are Your Fears and Anxieties Getting the Best of You? Pt. 2

Tired of Feeling Powerless? The times when your fear and anxiety is front and center, you are usually defensive and reactive. You find it nearly impossible to hear the other person’s perspective let alone make the best decisions. Think of it this … [Read more...]

Stop Losing Your Temper and Start WINning Instead!!

Ever feel like this . . .? So upset you can barely control your temper? You know that exploding will not be helpful, but you can’t seem to stop yourself? Here’s a tool you can use to stop losing your temper and start winning instead. By … [Read more...]

What do WIND, RAIN and STORMS have in Common with Parenting With Your Ex?

October 28th . . . The day began as a warmish, cloudy fall day so I decided to walk to work - knowing I had a full day but feeling confident that I could get it all done. But when I arrived at work my day rapidly began to unravel! First, I … [Read more...]

Do You REALLY Know What You Are Fighting About?

How Important Is this To You? When my son was about 6 years old, we were deciding what we wanted to do. We each wanted to do something different and the conversation was quickly deteriorating into a disagreement - "I want to do X", "no I want to do … [Read more...]


Daring Questions for Deepening Honesty and Connection We all want it, crave it and search for it (even when we think we don’t). And yet many of us don’t really know how to create it - DEEP HONESTY and CONNECTION. In my then new relationship (it is … [Read more...]


A PATH TO FREEDOM I’ve never really been one to hide my feelings or truth. In fact, many people have told me I wear my heart on my sleeve - this was NOT a compliment! Rather, it was something to avoid at all costs! So over the years, I seemed to … [Read more...]