Enemies – The Wall of Separation

I first learned the term “enemy image” in my NVC trainings from Marshall Rosenberg, the founder of Nonviolent Communication. I have heard it used many times by NVC trainers and others since. I hold an enemy image as any judgment I hold about others … [Read more...]

Letting Go – The Reality of Divorce . . . and Life

Perhaps it will seem strange at first for me to say this, but putting your child’s needs before your own after divorce includes letting go. When I talk about letting go, I’m not referring to letting go of the love and bond you have with your child or … [Read more...]

That Magical Moment – The First Contact With Your Child

When you first connect with your child, whether that first moment is when your child is in utero, upon his/her birth, or when you first see or hold your child, there is really no other moment in the world like it. Words are inadequate to describe the … [Read more...]

What Empathy is NOT!

I think I can safely say that most people are much more familiar expressing themselves in conversation with others in ways that are NOT empathy than in ways that are empathic. The sad thing about this is that because we are not skilled in giving and … [Read more...]

Empathy – What’s All the Fuss About?!

When I spoke previously about self-empathy, I was speaking about empathy we provide to ourselves. As I mentioned in that blog, until you can give yourself empathy, it is really difficult to provide empathy to someone else, especially your Ex. In … [Read more...]

Are Your Fears and Anxieties Getting the Best of You? Pt. 2

Tired of Feeling Powerless? The times when your fear and anxiety is front and center, you are usually defensive and reactive. You find it nearly impossible to hear the other person’s perspective let alone make the best decisions. Think of it this … [Read more...]

Stop Losing Your Temper and Start WINning Instead!!

Ever feel like this . . .? So upset you can barely control your temper? You know that exploding will not be helpful, but you can’t seem to stop yourself? Here’s a tool you can use to stop losing your temper and start winning instead. By … [Read more...]

What do WIND, RAIN and STORMS have in Common with Parenting With Your Ex?

October 28th . . . The day began as a warmish, cloudy fall day so I decided to walk to work - knowing I had a full day but feeling confident that I could get it all done. But when I arrived at work my day rapidly began to unravel! First, I … [Read more...]

Want to Stay Calm in the Midst of the Storm?

Practice WIN! Friday I shared with you a powerful tool to help you from losing your temper. I promised to share with you why this tool is important and how come it works. When we lose our tempers, we only escalate the problem. I’m sure you are … [Read more...]

Do You REALLY Know What You Are Fighting About?

How Important Is this To You? When my son was about 6 years old, we were deciding what we wanted to do. We each wanted to do something different and the conversation was quickly deteriorating into a disagreement - "I want to do X", "no I want to do … [Read more...]