This SUCKS – Where’s My Co-Parent?

I’ve written quite a bit about grieving and the sense of loss we feel when our marriage or relationship ends and the importance of recognizing and grieving that loss. (To read more, click here.) But Tuesday, I was on my question and answer call … [Read more...]

How The Heck Does One Grieve and Mourn?!

In my previous blog, Grief: The Birthplace of Healing, Repair and Transformation, I shared why it is important to for you to grieve and mourn, but what if you find you simply cannot grieve and mourn at all? I have had many clients tell me that they … [Read more...]

GRIEF – The Birthplace of Healing, Repair and Transformation

In order to be the best parents we can be, it is essential for us to know how to support our children without our issues interfering with our ability to be present with them and their needs.   One common thing I see in my work with divorce couples … [Read more...]

Be Supportive Without Micromanaging

Have you wondered how you could be committed to supporting your child’s relationship with your Ex without taking a “hands-on” kind of responsibility? Actually, there is a way to support your child’s relationship with your Ex without micromanaging it. … [Read more...]

So Your Child’s Upset with Your Former . . . Now What?

I often hear from parents that they don’t know what to do when their child comes home from the other parent’s house complaining about the other parent.  It is so hard to know how to respond so that you are supporting your child and not putting … [Read more...]

Creating Change – Express YOUR NEEDS

In my work I often help clients figure out how to tell their spouse or former spouse why they are so upset and what they want. And yet often when I begin to explore what they really want, all they focus on is what they don’t want, what they are so … [Read more...]

Needs . . . What’s All the Fuss About?

I help parents explore and understand their needs so that they can transform their families in a way that best serves their needs – as individuals and as a family. Helping parents understand the multiple needs of family members helps them create a … [Read more...]

Go Ahead and Blame – Just Don’t Count On Healing And Moving On If You Do!

Okay, so your Ex just really pissed you off and it is all you can do to keep yourself from jumping in your car, screeching up in front of her house, stomping to the door and screaming in her face when she opens the door. Grrrr…how could she do that … [Read more...]

Why Blaming Doesn’t Work

When we are upset because something is not going the way we want we often look to blame someone or something (including ourselves). Placing blame allows us to escape from the pain and discomfort of the situation and puts our attention and directs … [Read more...]

Enemy – NOT ME

I readily admit conjuring up an enemy image is far easier than creating a connection with someone, especially when I have zero attraction to that person or if I am struggling to overcome an enemy image based on our currently raw conflicts and … [Read more...]