Are Your Fears and Anxieties Getting the Best of You? Pt. 2

Tired of Feeling Powerless?

The times when your fear and anxiety is front and center, you are usually defensive and reactive. You find it nearly impossible to hear the other person’s perspective let alone make the best decisions. Think of it this way, imagine being curled up in a little ball and thinking that things that are really precious to you are going to be taken away – your children, your financial security, your job, your dreams and vision of the future, of yourself, your life, your identity.


The “curled up in a ball” metaphor probably feels familiar to you and may be how you are or how you have experienced the world. At those times, you are trying to protect yourself. When you are protecting yourself, you will likely either lash out or go further inward. In either response, you are acting from a position of powerlessness rather than from a place of power. To shift from a place of powerless to gain insight into your experience, practice the exercise from my previous blog Are Your Fears and Anxieties Getting the Best of You? [link to previous blog post]

Once you are no longer in a reactive state, you can begin to objectively explore your options. From this place, you will feel more empowered. This will give you more certainty that the decisions you are making are genuinely related to the situation at hand rather than a reaction from your fear or anxiety.


Another huge benefit? You will have more peace of mind and heart and that is priceless!

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