Ahh, if only the weather would cooperate . . .

Sometimes life can be hard and sad and when it is, I want the weather to cheer me up!! I am feeling a bit melancholy and the weather is not doing her part to cheer me up. It is a gloomy, windy, very rainy day here in Bellingham, WA and I am angry at the weather because I want her to shine her glorious sun and warm up my weary body, soothe my sad heart, and bring a smile to my face. But instead, she is matching my energy. Rather than creating inspiration and a sense of playfulness and aliveness, she has chosen to offer me dreariness and cold instead.

So what I am to do with that? I can scream at her and get all bent out of shape. Blame her for my sorrows and for not lifting me up. But that would not get me very far because she is not likely to change. In fact, even though I wish I had the power to change her, I know I do not. She’s going to do whatever suits her fancy and she’s doing it not to be mean, spiteful or manipulative. No, she’s doing this because this is what she needs to do to nourish Mother Earth and all that lives on this planet (including me). She’s doing exactly what is perfectly right for her at this time, in this place – it just happens to not really work for me right now!

So it seems I have a choice. I can look at this weather as an opportunity or I can mope and be a victim. I will choose the former.

Because the only thing I really have any control or power over is myself – my reactions, my feelings, my thoughts and my heart. And while I still feel sad, I am looking at this weather as an opportunity to nurture myself and to slow down and take it easy.

When I leave my office today, I will be with my two teenage boys and I will take my dog for a walk in this windy, rainy weather, and I will smile and laugh and perhaps when I climb into bed tonight, I will cuddle myself and cry because just as the weather can let out water to release what is bottled up inside, so can I. And when I do, I know that tomorrow will be a different day with different weather and different feelings.

Signing off on this dreary, melancholy day. . . Thanks for reading.



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