Bellingham, WA

Collaborative Divorce Attorney, Mediator, Trainer, Consultant

Cat Zavis is a lawyer, a trainer, and an advocate; she is a teacher, a counselor, and a communicator. Practicing law since 1990, Cat focuses on Collaborative Law, Conflict Resolution, Nonviolent Communication (NVC), and Mediation.

Cat has done extensive work in NVC and Collaborative Law, gaining skills and a deep understanding of peaceful, collaborative methods of communicating and resolving conflict. Her passion for her work facilitates transformation for the individuals, families, businesses, and nonprofit organizations she serves. People in crisis, or organizations undergoing change or difficulty, can have real solutions that satisfy everyone’s needs.

Cat is a leader in the process of NVC, experienced in training individuals, couples, families, and groups in this method of being in relationship with others without the restrictions of past history or behavior patterns.

She shares her expertise by training fellow attorneys in Nonviolent Communication, and by providing Conflict Resolution training to families in transition, businesses, organizations, schools, and others in need, such as domestic violence survivors and their advocates.

If you ask Cat what is most important to her in her practice, you’ll hear these heartfelt expressions:

  • “Helping people in conflict feel understood and get their needs met.”
  • Listening without judgment.”
  • “Standing up with compassion for an individual’s needs.”
  • “Facilitating transformation, empowerment, and self-compassion in individuals.”
  • Empowering people so they gain insight into making choices aligned with their goals and values.

To hear an interview with Cat describing her work in her own words, click here.

With a unique set of skills and training, Cat Zavis combines her knowledge of the law, her extensive teaching skills, and genuine compassion as a counselor to help her clients improve their lives and relationships.

“Cat was instrumental for us in a very tense dispute with another family. She led the meeting in a way that was compassionate and really allowed us to understand and empathize with our so-called “adversaries.” In the end, we were left with concrete solutions we could implement right away which completely shifted the conflict.”